Room Rental

24 Club Room Rental Rates


Small room             Meetings:  $19                   Events:  $31

Back Room             Meetings:  $36                   Events:  $72

Big Room                Meetings:  $60                   Events:  $120*

*[Dances & Concerts: $150, Plus Signed Agreement] *

Download Attached Agreement & Rules ~ Word doc

24 Club Room Rental Rules

By renting the 24 Club you agree to the following:

1)     The Club rules are to be adhered to.

2)     You are responsible for supplying your own drinks and food.

3)     No Club wall hangings are to be removed or treated in a way as to damage them.

4)     Your group or organization & it’s officers are liable for any damage. All damage reported to the Club H.C.

5)      Payment is due on or by the day of the event.

6)      You are responsible for your own set up and clean up.  Clean up must be thorough.

7)      Noise, including in the parking lot, is to be so that it does not disturb neighbors.

8)      There is no parking in the fire zones, except for temporary loading and unloading of equipment.

9)      In the event of an emergency or crime, the proper authorities and a Club officer are to be contacted immediately, and in that order.  A list of Club officers phone numbers is attached and usually a Club officer will be present at your event.

10)    Outside doors are not to be propped open except temporarily for moving equipment.

11)    The name, address, and telephone number of the responsible contact person for your event must be supplied to the 24 Club at least a week prior to your event.

Questions? Please contact Jan Z at