Mission Statement

Mission Statement

The 24 Club was formed to assist persons in the central New Jersey counties of Mercer, Somerset and Middlesex in their recovery from substance abuse problems.  It does so by furnishing and maintaining physical facilities for 12-Step meetings, education and social uses.

The 24 Club also offers events such as: Dances, Plays, Holiday gatherings, picnics, special speakers and other social events for the recovery community.

The 24 Club is entirely independent from AA, NA, ALANON, or any 12-step group. We do, however, support a clean and sober environment wherein such groups may rent space for their meetings.  The 24 Club of Princeton thus provides a service to the local area recovery community.

The 24 Club exists to provide service to its membership and the local community in the area of recovery from alcoholism and other addictions.  The Club provides a physically and emotionally safe environment to its members and all those using the facilities. The Club offers recreational, social, educational, and recovery opportunities to its guests.

The 24 Club of Princeton Inc. was established in 1988. It is a 501 (c) (3) tax-exempt public charitable organization. It has been at it’s current location since inception. It is governed by a member-elected House Committee of 12 members or
interested parties. It has a set of by-laws which govern it’s functions.

The 24 Club operates its business affairs in a professional and responsible manner at all times.  Many of the Club’s day-to-day operations are performed by volunteers.